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Red Barn Riding Academy

"Serious horse lovers experience required!"

"Learn to ride... before you decide"

New students come to us quite sure of the discipline they wish to learn; English or Western, dressage, gymkhana, jumping, or trail riding. Our philosophy is to teach you to ride a horse first before you decide on your specialty! Our recipe for sucessful horse education is simple: start with common sense, awareness, respect, consistency and humor. Slowy add some confidence, muscle, balance, and a sense of adventure.

It's not just 'round and round'

Often times you'll see students go 'round and 'round in an arena.  We use all 8 acres of the property including the arena, learning through games, drill routines, trail obstacles and freindly competitions both bare back and saddled.  Horsemanship includes everything from shoveling manure to cleaning tack, from choosing the proper feed to diagnosing illness and injury.  Mostly, we have fun!

Tailored to your needs

Call to learn more about our unique, family-oriented program for horse lovers of all ages.


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